Transform Your Story into a Successful Series

Learn the tricks and secrets to writing a career-building series | taught by Sandra Haven

Is this You?

  • Do you wake in the night with ideas colliding about fascinating characters or a hot plot?
  • Do you ache to write it all down?
  • Do you love your story - enough to envision even MORE stories based on it?
  • But do you worry if your readers will love it enough to buy a Book 2 or 3 and beyond?

The Facts You NEED to Know:

  • Only YOU can write that unique story inside of you.
  • Your story needs a protagonist who stays fresh and a plot concept that fascinates readers in every book.
  • Your series of stories deserve to see print.
  • And YOU deserve to fulfill your dreams of seeing them in print!

Sign up for this course to learn the difference between a series vs. a serial. And learn how you can craft a spin-off, a sequel or prequel, and understand how multiple books can develop a long-lived writing career.

Learn the options for writers that provide LOTS of ways to make the most of your story AND boost your writing career.

    • Do you have a book that is just begging to be expanded into another book? Where do you even begin!
    • Have you already considered writing a series? If so, have you figured out how to go about it?
    • If you are already working on a series, have you found stumbling blocks along the way?

Work directly with you on YOUR OWN story as you explore your series writing journey.

Discover how you can write a series of books whose plots hold together for the long haul; with characters who fascinate readers; and make YOUR road to series writing a satisfying journey.

What you get in my course:

  • You get lessons that expand your knowledge of series potentials perfect for YOU
  • You work through my worksheets which you specifically apply to YOUR writing (not generic exercises)
  • I send you a personal review and my comments on your worksheets
  • And you get UNLIMITED email support from me personally!
  • BONUS: You get a one-on-one call with me at the end of the workshop, if you wish, just to talk about YOUR writing. Simply let me know you want to talk!


"The most valuable part of the class for me was the brainstorming of ideas that came out of it involving me personally as well as listening to the thought processes of the other participants.
I was surprised to see that the other students in the class pretty much shared the same struggles that I do. It felt good to know that I am not alone

-- Grant Elliot Smith, Japan

What were you surprised about? "How complex things can get with a series and how much you can get into trouble if you aren't prepared up front."

-- Terrye Toombs, North Dakota

"During the workshop I recognized that I had not included emotions of all the characters. It seemed like magic when I began to explore the range of emotions for all the characters, major and minor, the plot filled out and added to their characters. They came to life to me and hopefully, to my readers.
"Whereas before I could only think of more adventures, now I became focused on expanding the why, background and interior thoughts of Ulysses as well as other characters.
"It helped me most using Sandra's comments on my specific story rather than just general help. It helped me to have deadlines to meet instead of thinking tomorrow? tomorrow? I did not procrastinate so much when she was asking for responses."

-- JoAn Martin, Texas

Course Instructor

Sandra Haven
Sandra Haven
Professional Editor and Writing Coach

I have provided editorial services as a freelance editor for writers from around the world as well as for book publishers in the United States and Canada for over two decades.

My assistance has helped numerous writers achieve success, whether for publishing a single book to fulfill a personal dream or creating a career as a commercial series writer.

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