How to Create Vivid Villains

Antagonists, bad guys, meanies--how to create strong villains | taught by Sandra Haven

Need a Formidable Foe to Kick Your Story Up a Notch?

A VILLAIN is just another character, right?


  • An antagonist not only challenges your hero but must MIRROR your protagonist!
  • It's not good enough to just have him show up in each book
  • It's not good enough to just "let the character grow" as you write


Antagonists: These aren't just your Darth Vadars anymore!

Writing characters that invigorate a book,
let alone survive a series, is NOT intuitive.
But I can teach you how!


What you get in my workshops:

  • You get lessons and worksheets that you specifically apply to YOUR writing (not generic exercises)
  • I send you a personal review and my comments on every worksheet you submit
  • You meet other writers in the private discussion forum within this program.
  • Learn together as you see my responses to each of the students in the private discussion forum
  • And you get UNLIMITED email support from me personally!
  • BONUS: You get a one-on-one call with me at the end of the workshop, just to talk about YOUR writing


"With all the varieties of writing courses out there, who needs another one? Well, as it turns out, Sandra Haven's courses feel both new, fresh and exciting. With devotion, insight, and attention, she has you work with key elements and archetypes as your tools, in order for you to create not only sustainable, but also believable characters that work with your story. Add to it lovely bonus material and personal, swift feedback, and what you have is a writing course you don't want to miss! Well done, Ms. Haven!!"

-- Linda Govik, Sweden

"During the workshop I recognized that I had not included emotions of all the characters. It seemed like magic when I began to explore the range of emotions for all the characters, major and minor, the plot filled out and added to their characters. They came to life to me and hopefully, to my readers.
"Whereas before I could only think of more adventures, now I became focused on expanding the why, background and interior thoughts of Ulysses as well as other characters.
"It helped me most using Sandra's comments on my specific story rather than just general help. It helped me to have deadlines to meet instead of thinking tomorrow? tomorrow? I did not procrastinate so much when she was asking for responses."

-- JoAn Martin, Texas

Sandra Haven
Sandra Haven
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